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Bus Accident Case Value

Have you suffered an injury from a bus accident? Check out this video about the bus accident case value and give our Tampa Bay injury attorneys a call to see what your case is worth.


How do I determine the value of my bus accident claim in Tampa Bay?


Bus Accident Case Value One of the questions that we’re often asked through our website and by telephone calls is how we determine what a bus accident case is worth in Florida. The first thing that you need to do if you’re injured because you’re involved in a bus accident is to seek medical treatment. If you don’t have health insurance to be able to do that, you’re not able to afford it out of pocket, you need to call a lawyer so that that lawyer can help you line up the medical treatment that you need for evaluation of your injuries. There are two components to evaluating what your case is worth. The first one is liability. In other words, are we sure we can prove that another party and not you is at fault for the collision. If liability is strong, then you have to seek medical treatment so we know what the value of your damages are. If you’ve had a prior injury and you exacerbate or make that injury worse, that’s a factor. All of those things are things that need to be told to your doctors and evaluated by your lawyer. Once we know what all of your injuries are and you reach a point in your medical treatment of what we call maximum medical improvement, MMI, then we know that further medical treatment is not going to make you better. You may need future medical treatment. Your doctors work with us so that we know what those damages are. Then we put all of those things together, and based on our 26 years of experience and the information that’s available through the Florida bar and jury verdict reporters about what cases like yours have brought by way of jury verdicts, we’re able to determine a range of value for your case so that when the insurance company makes an offer to you because you decide whether you settle a case or not, you’re informed. You have the advice of your attorneys at Morgenstern & Herd, but you also know whether or not you’re receiving a fair offer. That’s how we evaluate what your injuries are at Morgenstern & Herd.

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