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Bus Accident Case Timeline

Were you or a loved one injured in a bus wreck and have questions? Watch this video about the bus accident case timeline, then call our Tampa Bay lawyers.


How long is it going to take to resolve my bus accident injury claim in Tampa Bay?


Bus Accident Case Timeline One of the things that our clients often ask us is how long it is going to take to resolve their bus accident case. That is so variable, but we explain to you all along the way what is happening. Right now, we’re all under the umbrella of COVID. There haven’t been jury trials in our area in so long that it’s difficult to predict how long we’ll go. There are several stages before you get to filing a lawsuit, so often, if you contact us at Morgenstern & Herd and let us guide you through the treatment for your bus accident case, we can submit a demand. After you obtain your treatment, we gather all of the information including your prior healthcare treatment, if any, to show that these injuries are truly related to your bus accident claim. We submit that to the insurance company who’s at fault for causing the bus accident, and we try to get you a resolution early rather than later because it costs less. There are less expenses, there’s no lawsuit filing fee, and the attorney’s fees are less than they would be if you file a lawsuit. The insurance company’s not fair with you, then we file a lawsuit. Then, the party causing the bus accident has the opportunity to admit responsibility and keep your fees and expenses lower, but rarely they do it. Once we file a lawsuit, then you have an opportunity to exchange paper discovery. They get to ask written questions. We ask written questions. The next stage is depositions. You have your deposition taken. We take the at-fault party’s deposition. We do those things by Zoom right now, which is very, very effective and almost flawless. Then you go to mediation. If the insurance company who causes the bus accident still isn’t being fair with you, then we have to begin to move in the direction of trial. A new Supreme Court order came out today in Florida trying to streamline that process and get more cases to resolve. We, however, have a very high success rate of resolving cases without trying them here at Morgenstern & Herd, and that’s because we push the litigation forward, we stay on top, and we make the insurance company’s lawyers do work. That costs the insurance companies money. That causes them to put more money towards your claim because they know they’re going to have the pay the lawyers, and they know that we’ll file cases and try to put ourselves in a position where we can get our attorneys’ fees rather than from your recovery from the at-fault party. If you have a question about how long your case is going to take, bus accident case, personal injury case, call us at Morgenstern & Herd.

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