Am I Covered by FELA if I’m Injured at my Railroad Job?

shutterstock_204638596Am I Covered by FELA if I’m Injured at my Railroad Job?

Oftentimes a railroader who is on the job or even off the job comes into the office of Morgenstern & Herd, PA in Tampa, FL and asks whether or not he’s covered under the FELA. For example, if you have a job where you travel on the railroad for a distance and as a result of being on the job for say an 8 or 10 hour period you are required to remain overnight in a hotel and perhaps get picked up the next day and take the train on further or to catch another train coming the opposite direction to return you to your home base, you are covered by the FELA while you are remaining overnight in that distant location. For example, there have been cases where individuals staying in hotels overnight will cross the road to go to a restaurant to eat and they’re struck by a car, they are covered by the FELA if the railroad puts them into a place that involves a dangerous situation or a dangerous location.


This informational blog post was provided by Dennis Morgenstern, an experienced Tampa, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer.

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