Airline Liability

Airline Liability

When you take an airplane for vacation or work, the last thing you may think about is being seriously injured on that flight due to a defective product.  Tampa personal injury lawyer Betsey Herd discusses the airline liability for a engine explosion on Southwest Airlines with Fox 13 news anchor, Russell Rhodes. If you have been injured because of a defective product, contact our experienced attorneys for guidance. We offer free consultations.

On August 18, Southwest Airlines flight 1380 dealt with a nightmare when a woman was partially sucked out of plane’s window due to an engine exploding.

Attorney Betsey Herd discusses the lawsuit filed by a passenger on that flight.  The passenger was sitting three rows behind the deceased passenger, and says that she was hit with flying debris which caused damages and was unable to breath.  She is also requesting relief for emotional distress due to the incident itself and the way the Southwest flight attendants exacerbated the situation by asking unnecessary questions and making them relive the situation.

The passengers attorney says that she has several causes to file a claim.  These claims are based on airline liability for negligent infliction of emotional distress, breach of warranty, express and implied, and product liability because of the engine failure.

You can read the entire article HERE on Fox13 News.

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