4 Car Accident Questions

Have you or a loved one been severely injured in a car wreck? Check out these 4 car accident questions, then call our lawyers to get started.

1) Can I Sue the Other Driver for My Injuries?

4 Car Accident QuestionsOftentimes when someone comes into our office after an accident they wonder what their rights are in terms of the accident. First of all you can sue the other driver for your damages both economic damages, for example unpaid medical bills, unpaid wage loss and also for what we call non-economic damages, things like pain and suffering, mental anguish, inconvenience, disability or impairment and loss of the ability to enjoy life’s pleasures.

2) Do I Have to Pay Back My PIP Carrier?

Many people want to know if they have to pay back the amounts paid by their personal injury protection insurer towards their medical bills. You do not have to pay back your PIP carrier at all even if you are at fault in the collision, you don’t have to pay back you PIP carrier.

3) How to Determine Whether I have a Good Auto Accident Claim?

I often advise clients that when you get in a car accident and you have speak to a lawyer they will ask you four questions: Who is at fault for the accident? Does the opposite driver have bodily injury insurance? Do you have uninsured motorist insurance? What was the amount of property damage?

4) What Happens If I Was Injured In A Car At Work?

If you have an injury that occurs on the job, it depends on whether or not that injury is caused by a co-employee or your employer. If it is, you need a workers’ compensation attorney because you can’t sue your employer even if your employer is negligent, except under certain circumstances. Generally, you can’t sue your employer. If you’re on the job and you’re injured by a third party, then you need to seek the evaluation of your injury claim by a personal injury lawyer. At Morgenstern & Herd, we often with workers’ compensation lawyers – you’ll still have a workers’ compensation claim – and we’ll repay your compensation for that injury claim out of the recovery of the proceeds from the third party who’s at fault for your injuries.

  • Generally, you can’t sue your employer
  • If you’re on the job and you are injured by a third party, then you should seek an evaluation of your injury by a workers compensation attorney

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a car accident and have questions? After reading our 4 car accident questions that could guide you, contact our Tampa Car Accident Attorneys to get legal assistance and schedule a free consultation and legal case evaluation.

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